Welcome to St Alban's, Earsdon, Whitley Bay

Our Values

Vision Day 7.3.2020 – a summary of our values.



The Church of England in Earsdon and Backworth wishes to be…


  1. A place of care
  • We want to be a friendly family, caring for one another.
  • We want to be tolerant and encouraging – especially of young people.
  • We want our life to be participatory, where there is a role for everybody, and fruitful, a place where people can grow in their faith.
  • We want to be honest and united, rooted in a living tradition
  • We want to be both educational – teaching the faith – and joyful – doing this with a sense of humour.


  1. Outward-facing
  • We want our care to reach out into God’s world.
  • We want to offer a generous, warm welcome that is inclusive of all people, no matter their background.
  • We want to be engaged with society, and aim to give lively energy to others.


  1. Open to change
  • Engaging with an ever-changing culture will require us to be flexible.
  • We want to be open to change.
  • We want to be responsive to the need we find in the world around us.


  1. Rooted in God
  • We want to be a repentant people, quick to return to God as the source of our life.
  • Grateful for the faithfulness of God, we want to mirror that faithfulness back to God as his flexible friends in Earsdon and Backworth.



Revd Tim Mayfield


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