Welcome to St Alban's, Earsdon, Whitley Bay

Condition of hire

Opening and Closing the Eccles Hall

The Eccles Hall keys will be available from the Vicar and after locking up, must be returned to the Vicarage (5 Front Street, Earsdon), unless specified otherwise.

Please ensure that any outside caterers, contractors or bar staff are aware of your hire period and that they will not be able to enter before or leave after the hire period.

Please telephone 0191 252 9393 in case of difficulty.

Users are expected to vacate the premises within ten minutes of the end of a hiring period. Other users may be hiring the hall immediately after you.



The Church Hall has a No Smoking policy.

In the event of a fire, the Eccles Hall should be evacuated in an orderly manner using the appropriate exits and the Fire Brigade should be called, dialling 999.

The exact location of the fire exits and fire extinguishers must be noted before the Eccles Hall is occupied and the manner of opening Fire Doors should be made known to your users. There is a separate yellow laminated card which you should use in conjunction with these Conditions of Hire.

For reasons of safety, St. Alban’s PCC does not allow bouncy castles (or similar inflatables) to be used either inside or outside the Eccles Hall.

Please use the trolley provided for moving chairs in order to avoid injury.  Please stack tables in the storeroom as indicated.

The Hall Health and Safety file is kept in the kitchen.

A First Aid Box is located in the kitchen.


Power Circuits/Heating

Please let the booking secretary know if you need the Eccles Hall to be particularly warm or cold. Do not adjust individual radiators/heaters as this will result in the hall being too cold or too hot for subsequent users. The lights for the main hall are switched on and off via the controls to the right and rear of the stage. Please remember to switch off all lights before you leave the premises. Take particular care to do so in the back room and the toilets.


The Eccles Hall has no telephone so you are advised to bring a fully charged mobile telephone for use in an emergency.

Car Parking

The lane leading to the side of Eccles Hall leads to the cemetery and must not be obstructed.  The Church Car Park will accommodate some cars and there is plenty of on-street parking in the village.

Consideration for others

Please ask hall users to leave quietly after dark. Car doors banging and loud talk in the car park may be disturbing to local residents.

Please do not use drawing pins or sellotape on the hall walls or other surfaces; use blutack if you need to put up notices or decorations. Do not fix decorations near light fittings or heaters.

Please leave the Eccles Hall clean and tidy and take waste home. We do not have a council issued wheelie bin. In particular we ask that you ensure table tops are wiped clean before being stacked away.


Please report any faults or damage to the booking secretary as soon as possible so that they can be rectified quickly. The Committee welcome constructive comments or observations you may have about the hire of the hall.




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